Greater Than Open Calls

GREATER THAN Open Calls are our way of casting the net as far as possible to uncover health care innovations that could transform (may we even say, disrupt) the very industry each of us has helped to build and sustain. All so people around the world can live healthier lives sooner and longer.

We also recognize that health care is big business. But there’s no ROI on even the greatest innovations when they don’t get to market. Applying to an Open Call could transform your life-changing, life-saving solution into something more than just an idea.

Each of our Open Calls will focus on a health care priority, starting with chronic disease, that Collaborative industry leaders select. We will announce additional Open Calls as the impact and results of previous ones are continuously reported.

Open Call #1

Seeking lasting changes for persistent health care issues.

>Chronic Disease

Chronic disease kills an estimated seven out of ten people each year. And these same chronic diseases—several of which can be controlled, but not cured—now account for 86% of our nation’s health care costs.

That’s a big shift. And a big deal. Although chronic diseases are among the most common and costly health problems, they are also among the most preventable and controllable.

Most of us understand that solving health care issues tied to chronic disease involves many interlocking disciplines: prevention, care delivery, treatment methods, administrative and payment processes and more.

Are you working on an innovation that advances one or more of these things?

Pitch your idea to Greater Philadelphia’s health care industry giants—all at the same time.


>The Sum of Our Efforts

We have many interrelated goals tied to this unprecedented collaborative enterprise. And though our metrics for gauging success will inevitably evolve as we proceed with a series of Open Calls, we set forth the following to help guide these initial stages.


Our Collaborative Portfolio.

Among other indicators, we will continuously track the number of independent and joint (involving more than one Collaborative company) projects, total new investments made and estimations of money saved.


Greater Philadelphia.

In addition to the number of company start-ups/expansions in, as well as relocations to, our region, we will also track earned media coverage of the region as a global leader in health care innovation.


Patients and Health Care Consumers.

We will share the potential impact of project and business developments on people worldwide living healthier lives sooner and longer.

While these numbers are important, equally so will be the case studies and stories resulting from our Collaborative efforts. Stay tuned.